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What's a "Lake Runner"

If you spend a lot of time by the Northern edge of Pewaukee Lake (by the beachfront), there is a good chance you may have seen me running. I am, in that sense, quite literally a Lake Runner.

But maybe you didn’t know it, you are a Lake Runner, too!

You are ALL RUNNING around!

You have errands to run. You run to the grocery store. You run to the hardware store. You run your kids to school.

Maybe you are running an organization. Or a business! You run girl scout meetings, you run your coed softball team. You run a flower shop, a law firm, a restaurant.

Some of you are running AWAY from things. Maybe a dark chapter in your life. An ugly divorce. A dead-end job. A bad habit.

Some of you are running TOWARDS things. GREAT things! Like new challenges! New careers! Goals! Destiny!

Sometimes it feels like you are running in circles. Sometimes you feel like you are “running on empty”.

Just keep on running!

There is a whole lot of ground you can cover! As exhausting as it can be, it can also be exhilarating! And you don’t want to know what happens if you STOP.

Guys running on road

Kyle Breitzman, Enrolled Agent, CFP (R), President.

Kyle has been a resident of Pewaukee since 2001 where he has come to love life by the lake. Having graduated with honors from UW-Madison with a BBA in Finance and Marketing, Kyle cut his professional teeth working for his father’s company, Ameristar Mortgage, in Brookfield before moving onto Financial Planning.

In 2013, Kyle began to study personal income taxes and immediately saw an opportunity to help his clients more comprehensively.

Why do most people treat taxes and finances like separate topics? Doesn’t it make more sense to coordinate your taxes with your finances so both work together? Like peanut butter AND jelly?

Outside of the office, Kyle enjoys golfing (poorly), eating unhealthy food, playing softball and volleyball (co-ed), and watching sports. He founded Lake Runners Fit Club in an effort to combine his passion of running with a passion for building community. Currently, he is pledging $1 to Pewaukee PTO for every day he runs more than 4 miles. He also dreams of becoming a semi-pro Yolfer.

He is married to Spring Breitzman, the loveliest mortgage originator in the Western Hemisphere, whom he met at Summerfest. They begot a daughter, Liliana, whose middle name “Sunshine” describes her perfectly.